General Qualifications

Project Managers, Specialists & Labor Force

Together, Hot Wire maintains an office and management staff of over 40, with field crews of more than 100 wiremen, linemen, technicians, and service
personnel. We supplement our office and field staff with additional qualified personnel from the local IBEW on an "as needed" basis. This allows us to maintain our high standards for quality; while effectively managing costs. Hot Wire continues to benefit from the excellent relationship we have built and cultivated with the local unions over the years.

Our project managers, engineers, and technicians are fully trained and certified for each product and service provided.

Materials & Equipment

Hot Wire has all the necessary installation tools and equipment required to complete virtually any project. We procure all the materials for our projects, ensuring that the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, and receiving of materials is seamlessly executed throughout the project.

Project Management

Before initiating a project, completion milestones are established on a flow chart to meet the customers' needs in interfacing various project segments. Weekly or daily project time reports are made for every person on the project with copies supplied to the customer for approval. Hot Wire's in-house staff tracks all project data, labor, travel, material, and miscellaneous expenses. Our job-costing system enables us to supply percentages of completion and current expenditures on a monthly basis, depending upon input cycles and customer requirements.

Safety Culture

Hot Wire prides itself on its culture of safety. Our workers compensation modification factor is 0.72.  Hot Wire's employee involvement focuses on worker ownership of our safety programs and makes safe work practices a matter of professional pride. We are serious about safety and it shows with our in-house safety program, mandatory safety meetings, and drug-free workplace requirements.