Electric International Projects and Descriptions

GVEA Eva Creek Wind Farm

24-megawatts (total of 12 turbines), Eva Creek Wind Farm has a collections system that ties the twelve turbines together which feeds into a new High Voltage Substation. This connects to GVEA's existing High Voltage Intertie going to Fairbanks.

New Verizon Switching Center

Verizon Switching Center 21000 SF building with double redundant Electrical Systems including 2ea 900KW generators, 2000A main service, 4 1600a bypass switches, UPS system, Aux grid system, security, power, and lighting.

F22 7 Bay Hangar

Design Build a 7 bay Hangar for F22 Raptors, including all power, lighting, security, fire alarm, exhaust system for F22, door and heating controls, Data, for complete operating system.

Eagle River Area High School

New area High School complete with power, lighting, emergency generation, data, communication, paging, fire alarm and clock systems.

PI-Fort Knox CIC-2

New construction of a Carbon In Column Plant for Gold Processing at the Fort Knox Gold Mine. Installation of a medium voltage PDU building to include transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, control systems, power, lighting and fire alarm systems.