AK Power Projects and Descriptions

Pt Thomson Airfield NS-001

Alaska Power & Communications Services, LLC (AKPower) was selected as the electrical subcontractor to Alaska Frontier Constructors for the initial development phase of the Pt Thomson project under contract NS-001. AKPower provided electrical construction services for the procurement and installation of a complete new gravel airfield system at Pt Thomson. These systems consisted of prefabricated airfield modules which included HVAC, fire alarm, lighting controls, power generation, AWOS, PAPI's, MALSR's, runway edge lighting, taxiway and parking area lighting, wind cones and associated equipment. AKPower also installed the SAWRS and associated lighting for the temporary helipad which was installed and relocated to a number of different locations during the construction operations. In addition, AKPower installed the electrical systems for the temporary construction facilities, permanent man-camps, power generation modules, temporary and permanent fuel farms and supported the electrical needs for the entire project at Pt Thomson, Badami and Deadhorse. AKPower also provided electricians for the site services support at Pt Thomson Central pad which consisted of 24 hour coverage of the entire remote site to ensure the electrical systems operated without downtime. The site services included generator checks, a grounding assurance program, maintaining the new airfield lighting systems, man camps and fuel farms. In total, AKPower expended nearly 170,000 man-hours on the project and experienced zero Lost Time Incidents and zero Recordable Incidents.

Photo 1 - Pt Thomson Winter 2013 temporary helipad installation. Wind cone and SAWRS in the lower left with EOC trailer in the middle.

Photo 2 - Runway 5 cable tray installation at the MALSR steady lamp bars.

Photo 3 & 4 - Runway edge lighting trench installation.

Photo 5 - Permanent diesel fuel storage tanks.

King Salmon Airport Runway and Taxiway Signs

Alaska Power & Communications Services, LLC (AKPower) was the general contractor for this project. AKPower provided electrical construction services for the procurement and installation of new runway and taxiway signs at the King Salmon Airport in King Salmon, Alaska. The work involved removal of 41 existing L-858 runway and taxiway signs and their concrete bases then installation of new concrete sign bases and L-867 sign bases and conduit connections to existing conduit and then installation of new wiring and new L-858 signs. The signs were shipped from Seattle, Washington via barge service and received in King Salmon. AKPower's field work began August 18th and was completed October 31, 2014. The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.